Commissioner Bio

Dawn Meyerriecks


Dawn remains broadly and deeply involved in a number of activities committed to innovative technical leadership to ensure democracy’s long term global competitiveness.  Dawn is recognized for her deep understanding of user and chief stakeholder needs, effecting innovative and essential changes wherever she has served. From 2014-2021, Dawn led the iconic CIA Directorate of Science and Technology, directing the organization’s first restructure in their fabled 57 year history, defining and delivering global capabilities beyond state-of-the-art even in the midst of significant workforce societal and health concerns. Prior to that, Dawn redefined technical oversight for the Intelligence Community, with a topline of $60B+, enabling on-time, on-budget delivery while returning 30% of her own budget and staff to mission. Prior to that, Dawn led the restructure of AOL Products to ensure alignment to business objectives, leading M&A technical assessments and ribbon-cutting new global facilities. Concurrently, she served on the National Security Agency (NSA) Corporate Board for over a decade, also supporting both their Technical Strategy and Information Assurance subcommittees. During this time, NSA adopted and migrated all mission IT to the cloud and revamped their approach to encryption and defense in depth.